MADWOOD STUDIOS IS A PRODUCTION COMPANY CREATING CONTENT FOR POP-CULTURE, FASHION, BEAUTY AND LIFESTYLE PASSIONATE VIEWERS. we identify and develop talent, trends and content... We create stories for broadcast, broadband or over-the-top distribution. 



Without heart, there is no story. Madwood Studios identifies the heart behind the talent and develops their brand and content in an organic and truthful way.  Madwood's talent is bold, sophisticated, and an expert in the world of beauty and lifestyle.


Madwood Studios works closely with managers, agents and publicists to identify and create opportunities for talent with major consumer brands through various entertainment driven initiatives, utilizing our relationships with top advertising, public relations and marketing agencies.


"Content is King" is a popular mantra for every brand, distributor and influencer out there.  Madwood develops content unique to their story and brand, and then distributes content on the platform that makes the best sense for them.